Mark and his friends will keep you entertained,
an excellent show from one of our featured bands, 
lots of high energy to keep you hopping,....
Very hot pickers...

Coquitlam, B. C.
Long time running for this band,  featuring old
bluegrass, and drivin instrumentals, as
well as tight harmonies, ya gotta love all
five of 'em..and, they are  lots of fun to
camp next to

 & Kootenay Special
Creston B C
"Harkening from the depths of the BC interior in the Kootenay region, the songs and sounds of this band are the result of listening to a steady diet of train whistles and coyote howls echoing off the range of the Skimmerhorn." 

Mission Hill
Courtenay, B. C.
Mission Hill played in the  the bluegrass band contest here at Lighthouse Bluegrass last year & won the honour of  a spot to  play this year.  Hailing from  Courtenay B C, these folks can be seen  & heard playing locally

Northern Departure 
This band is new to our area, so let's welcome them to 
Qualicum Bay from Seattle, Washington, USA.  Lots of hot pickin....

Victoria BC
5 piece bluegrass band
great harmonies, wicked picking

Vancouver, B C

Our other featured band needs no introduction,
other than to say they are world acclaimed.
An extremely balanced band, incredible instrumentation,
and some very sweet singin' 
Welcome to Lighthouse Country, John & Jaybirds 
 from  California to Vancouver B C

Sweet Ginger

For an old time sound from the big city of Victoria.
Get out the clogs, you will enjoy this band!


HighRise Lonesome 
      Vancouver, B. C         
A relatively new band, but the members have been playing bluegrass forever.  These folks play originals
as well as tunes you know and love. 
Great instrumentation as well as tight harmonies.

Andrew Collins Trio
Toronto Ont.
Andrew, mandolinist for the Foggy Hogtown Boys, has put together another new band, more details coming shortly

BackPorch Banjo
There's a banjo or two in this band,
old timey or bluegrass...take your pick.
Qualicum Beach, B. C.

Rainbow Stew Cloggers
Ever wanted to learn to clog but were afraid to ask?
Rainbow Stew Cloggers will teach you with their demo