Toronto Ontario 
        These boys need no introduction except to say they are     Hogtown's  finest, as well as one of the top working Canadian bluegrass bands.   It is indeed an honour to present them for the first time at a  Bluegrass festival  here on Vancouver Island.  Enjoy some original tunes, plus hear some old favourites. 
One of the tightest bands you'll ever hear. Put out the fire! Hot stuff!

Eagle Bay, B. C. 
Here's a whole family that plays bluegrass. Welcome back to the island Chris and family. This band will have your toes tapping.
Probably a good idea to hang on to your hat too.

Victoria, B. C.
These boys have been around for a while, and have just released their second CD... a wonderful band to listen to, be friends with and enjoy from Victoria, B. C. Another band full of hot pickers. 


                                    Vancouver, B. C.

Traditional bluegrass music from the heart of
Vancouver, British Columbia .
First time to the island for this band .
Welcome to Lighthouse Country


Long Road Home
Boulder  Colorado,USA
Mid Island Bluegrass Society is absolutely thrilled to bring this band for a first time appearance to the Pacific Northwest bluegrass scene.  Originating in Boulder Colorado, &  featuring
bluegrass banjo legend Pete Wernick, aka Dr Banjo, as well as Gene Libbea, grammy winner and member of the Nashville String Band
Long Road Home is cementing their place
in our bluegrass world, a very tight and traditional bluegrass sound, with several award winning players in this band.
Welcome to Lighthouse Country boys. 

Victoria, B. C.
FITP is a combination of young fresh energy rolled up into a great big ball of  bluegrass fun. Straight from the heart of Victoria, you will hear some mighty fine pickin & singin from this band!

                                    Nanaimo. B. C.
         Skagway is a 4 piece bluegrass band with high energy and great stage presence.  Arriving with audiences in tow, these boys know their bluegrass.  Prepare yourself for some hot pickin from these dudes                                      

                     Riverside Gospel Trio
                             Victoria, B. C.
Here's a band that only sings and plays gospel music.  
Tight harmonies and a full rich sound
describe this band.
 Hang on to your hat.


     Update: We've just received word that these guys DO know a few bluegrass tunes as well.  Beautiful rich harmonies, from some of the ol gang