Campers & RVs
 Rough Camping Our festival site is a huge area with
 some shaded spots, suitable for any camper vehicle.  There will be a separate tenting spot, complete with a place to park your car, doubling as a quieter family area this.   Help us by keeping our area clean...
Disposal Stations: Disposal stations will be placed throughout the site, complete with  recycling, bottle & can disposal.   A green bin will be placed in the food area for your compostables.  If you are able,  better yet to take your stuff home and dispose of it there. Compostable  bags will be available at the gate, just in case.
Water: Tenters please bring a supply of water with you  for your camp supplies, 
as you would as you would camp in the rough. There will be potable water available for purchase at the Meadowood Store.....for tenters & campers with no portable water systems... 
RVer's please fill up everything before you come 
Showers: Our new sponsor Riverside Resort has generously offered to allow any camper with a wristband to shower there for a loonie, 
Portapotties:  Portable toilets with sinks will be located around the site plus two handicapped portable toilets, 
one in the ring area..
 SaniDumps:  The closest sanidump is  at Qualicum First Nations Campground or Rathtrevor Provincial Park in Parksville.  There is not a dumping spot on the bluegrass festival grounds, so please adjust your sewage
 Campfires NOT ALLOWED:  Open flame campfires are not allowed, but propane campfires with a flame maximum of 6 inches are and  propane cook stoves are allowed.  THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED, for obvious reasons.
 Dogs   must be leashed, while out of your campsite.  Please pick up after your pet, as no one wants a surprise,
right?   Poo poo bags will be available at the gate. And please remember that  ABSOLUTELY NO dogs are allowed in the inner stage listening  ring area or vendor eating areas. Thanks for your cooperation.
                                                              Has attended all 5  Lighthouse Festivals                                                  
Inner Stage Ring Area & Audience Circle
 Please bring your lawn chairs to set up in front of the stage.   We ask your cooperation to keep chatting to a minimum.  If you haven't seen Mary in years, please visit her outside the listening ring area, SO THAT OTHERS  MAY HEAR WHAT THEY CAME FOR.  Thanks for your consideration.

Rules for a Better Experience
 No one likes them, but they are there for a reason, here's the rundown
 1. ID Bracelets are your proof that you have paid and must be worn at all times.     One day admissions must vacate the grounds before 10:00 am the next day. A  bright marker will be issued for your camp vehicle dashboard.  Wristbands will be checked
 2. Extra Vehicles: If you will be going in and out of the grounds a lot, driving vehicles can be parked in the day parking, as it
increases our safety measures.
 3. Parking: Roadways must be kept clear for emergency vehicles, and fire lanes in the camping areas must not be blocked. Your parking attendants will assist you with the spacing of your vehicle with respect to your neighbour's campsite.
 4. This bluegrass festival is an acoustic event.  Electric or amplified music, boomboxes, and car or truck stereos are NOT allowed.  Please, at all times play music in keeping with our festival theme of bluegrass, fiddle tunes and old timey music.   This will be strictly enforced by the bluegrass police..... 
 5. Absolutely no glass bottles are allowed outside your campsite. 
 6. There are NO CAMPFIRES allowed here on these grounds.  Propane campfires are allowed, but must be kept to a  6 inch flame or  lower, This is strictly enforced. 
 7The first aid attendant, Darren is on duty for the festival, please familiarize yourself with the location upon arrival, thank you. Darrens cel phone number is 778-584-0934
 8. Cleanup.  Thanks for cleaning up so well. Bluegrass folk are the tidiest and most considerate folk around. 
 9. Security personnel will enforce these rules and others.  We reserve the right to  have  removed from these grounds anyone violating these rules, or any person exhibiting violent or abusive behaviour or those conducting themselves in a manner not conducive to the spirit of the festival.
                                                       Thank you from  MIBS